With music of MyRoyaltyFreeMusic, you do not have to pay the rights organisation (PRO) , when playing our music in public spaces, like shops, gasstations, fashionstores, lunchroom, fitness club, office etc!
This could safe you over a thousands of euro’s that you normally had to pay at umbrella organisation (PRO) like Sacem, Buma, Sabam, Gemah, Sgae, Siae, Teosto, Tono, Stim etc…

The nowadays royalty free music is great to listen to, and very high quality..


No setup needed, login and listen !


The cheapest worldwide instore music provider


More than 15 Music Stations, for every kind of Business


With more than 9 locations, it doesn`t matter how many sqm your location is (50 or 2500 m2, price will be the same)


We serve your Background Music so you can focus on your Business


You get a certificate for the use of our Royalty Free Music

Music is playing 7 Days A Week, PRO FREE !

MyRoyaltyFreeMusic is a collaboration between various independent Music Labels who decided together to reject their music from the Performance Rights Organisations (PROs). By doing this we are able to Serve your Business with Royalty Free Music.


Different Genres

We offer more than 15 Music Stations, for every kind of Business the Right kind of Music

Listen Online

Login and choose one of the royalty free radiochannels.

The Cheapest

The most affordable Royalty Free Background Music service that you will find. No third parties involved



With your subscription comes a Certificate to show the PRO (gema, buma etc.) the use of our Royalty Free Music.

Our prices

We are specialized in all of kind Businesses, prices from € 5,75 a Month per Location in case you have 10 locations or more.


Certificate for using our Royalty Free Music is included


 If you have 1 to 9 locations, clickhere” and you can listen immediately.

Beware: usually you only need 1 streaming to play one of the 15 radio stations through Your sound system (Hairdressing salon, Gym, Convenience store, Gas station, Restaurant, etc.). If you want to play different music in different departments, you need multiple streamings. (Each streaming is one store / location). For example: you have a Hotel and you want to hear different music in the spa department than in the restaurant, then you need 2 streamings and therefore you also have to pay 2x


10 - 100 stores / locations

Example: your Organization has 10 Locations, the price is 10 x  € 7,95 = € 79,50 a Month. (prices are ex. vat)

It doesn`t matter how many sqm / m2 your building is

Monthly € 7,95 per store


100 - 250 stores / locations

Example: your Organization has 100 Locations, the price is 100 x  € 6,95 = € 695,- a Month. (prices are ex. vat)

It doesn`t matter how many sqm / m2 your building is

Monthly € 6,95 per store


250 - 500 stores / locations

Example: your Organization has 300 Locations, the price is 300 x  € 6,25 = € 1875,- a Month. (prices are ex. vat)

It doesn`t matter how many sqm / m2 your building is

Monthly € 6,25 per store


500 - Unlimited stores / locations

Example, your Organization has 1000 Stores, the price is 1000 x  € 5,75 = € 5750,– a Month. (prices are ex. vat)

It doesn`t matter how many sqm / m2 your building is

Monthly € 5,75 per store


Fast, Convenient, Safe

You do not need to install special software. login to our website and start listening

We Serve

With our Background Music we serve every Branch. If you own a Gasstation Restaurant, Gym, Fitness, Public Shopping Center, Barbershop or a Fashion Store between our Music Stations you Will always find what Suits your Business

A Team Who Cares

Our Royalty Free music producers take care for daily updates in new music for your business

Pre listen our radio stations :

Fashion Store Music

by By Stanyos Young, Ted Peters & Angellisa and more popular producers

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    royalty free music certificate for your branch



    Not needed to pay a PRO


    We have quality music


    Up to 18.000 songs


    a PRO is up to 1000 % expensiver

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do i need to pay to a PRO ( Performance Rights Organisation) ?

    NO. Our music is NOT registrated at any PRO, which means it is royalty free for using. So, you DO NOT NEED to pay any PRO. With your invoice and our certificate you can show your PRO that you listen to our royalty free music.

    Is the price related to the sqm / m2 ?

    NO !

    All our prices are the same. (If you have building of 50 sqm or 5000 sqm, you pay the same) .

    Do we receive a certificate ?

    Yes, you get a certificate, which you can show to the Performance Rights Organisation (PRO)

    Do i get a monthly or yearly invoice ?

    Depends what you prefer. Monthly or yearly. When choose yearly you get 5% discount

    Which internet speed do we need ?

    You do not need a fast connection, an 1 mb conecction is already enough

    Is it possible to listen music without internet connection ?

    It is possible to arrange that, we can deliver the music on USB or Harddisk, you need to coontact us for that

    More sales, customers spend more time in your store.

    More sales in your store: it is possible with more unknown music. Music is a very important aspect in your store.