Earn money as a music provider, by streaming thousands of royalty free songs to your (business) customers.

What are you looking for…

I want to have my own royalty free music platform for my organization.

We offer you a complete streaming music platform to achieve this.

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I want to have a subscription to listen royalty free music online for my organization.

We have multipe subscripitions depending the number of locations your want streaming music for.

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I want to have one or more royalty free songs for whatever purpose.

You can buy individual numbers from one of our platforms.

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Manage your own royalty free music platform within your business against an all in one price.

This offer includes:

  • Domain name with website portal (f.e. www.royalty-free-instore-music.com or your own domainname)
  • Configured music streaming server with license for max. 25 radio channels
  • Streaming server based on 10 TB monthly music streaming (extendable to bigger bandwidth without re-installing the server)
  • The music server contains 15 music streams / channels with different music genres (Pop, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Beats, Xmas and more)
  • Included with more than 2000 royalty free songs for use for lifetime

All in one for 35000,- euro

You can use the webportal to arrange simple access to the radio stations for all your locations.

Apart from that the webportal is basically a webshop from which customers can buy licenses agains montly or annual fees.
In return the customer will get access to the music portal and will be able to stream high qualtity music from one of the 15 streams for the duration of the license agreement.

In addition:

  • The monthly server cost are 35 euro based on 10 TB monthly music streaming which covers about 700 streams

  • Hosting of the music streaming server will be on the client company name

  • Option to corporate with Faded Media as Royalty Free Music partner with 15000+ royalty free songs. Their music can be streamed to client platform against low cost. 

  • Option to have the website installed on the server of the client (at an additional cost of 4000 euro)

Stream music from Royalty Free Music based on a monthly or yearly subscription.

With music of MyRoyaltyFreeMusic, you do not have to pay the rights organisation (PRO) , when playing our music in public spaces, like shops, gasstations, fashionstores, lunchroom, fitness club, office etc!
This could safe you over a thousands of euro’s that you normally had to pay at umbrella organisation (PRO) like Sacem, Buma, Sabam, Gemah, Sgae, Siae, Teosto, Tono, Stim etc…

The nowadays royalty free music is great to listen to, and very high quality..


No setup needed, login and listen !


The cheapest worldwide instore music provider


More than 15 Music Stations, for every kind of Business


With more than 9 locations, it doesn`t matter how many sqm your location is (50 or 2500 m2, price will be the same)


We serve your Background Music so you can focus on your Business


You get a certificate for the use of our Royalty Free Music

  • The more locations you buy license for the less you pay per license.

Prices go from € 7.95 to € 5.75 a Month per Location in case you have 10 locations or more

  • In case you have 9 or less locations within your organization the prices are based on the square meters per location.

Prices are annual and go from € 234.00 to 71.40 per license depending the amount of square meters

Buy individual songs for your video clip, presentation or any other purpose

Here you can find a great assortiment of royalty free music and sounds for any type of project.

HQ 320 Kb mp3 songs

All the music you found in our library is, after purchasing our specific license, legal to use for any project discribed in the included license.

For every type of project you will need the right corresponding license. This is due to audience where your Project will be shown to. Will it be shown localy or world wide, will it be monetized or not and more..

Prices start with 15 euro per license for lifetime use, depending the purpuse  you want to use the music for.

Contact us…

Send an email to : contact@myroyaltyfreemusic.com

Or give Paul a phonecall : +31 683 939 723

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Paul Hulsman

Sales Director

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