More sales, customers spend more time in your store.

More sales in your store: it is possible with more unknown music. Music is a very important aspect in your store. It must give customers the right feeling that suits your company. The background music of lesser-known artists, in contrast to the music of acquaintances (top 40) artists, gives the customer a calmer feeling, so they focus more on the articles that you offer in your store and spend more time in your store. as a result, you will make more purchases and, above all, come back to your store.

Celebrity music can hinder the buying process of your customers!

A study conducted by the University of Bari Aldo Moro in collaboration with HEC Montreal emphasizes that the use of unconventional ambient music can improve the buying process in stores. (from Professor Ada Palumbo)

The university’s research has shown that the lesser-known music has extended the stay of consumers within the shopping center because it provides the state of mind with greater relaxation. On the other hand, the famous music distracts and therefore the time in the store shortens for 50% of the consumers. The mood of unpopular (not known) music has meant that consumers can concentrate more on their purchases compared to the famous music (55% versus 32%).

Customers declare to have a high purchase intent when exposed to less popular background music.

Is there music that can improve the quality of our purchases ?.

To answer this question, a survey was carried out by a team of researchers, composed of Professor Luca Petruzzellis and Dr. Ada Palumbo from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bari and in collaboration with Professor Jean-Charles Chebat from Hec, Montreal. To carry out the research, the researchers turn to the consumers of a shopping center in Bari. They were ignorantly exposed to listen to background music during their purchases, background music consisting of two different music selections: the first consisting of music that is well known and the second of music that is unknown.

Consumers were asked to complete a questionnaire after their purchases.

The analysis of the answers provided showed that the known music brings a state of nervousness to 47% of consumers and irritation at 45%. With the unknown music these percentages fell to 18% and 22% respectively.
Consumers perceive more and are more focused on hearing music that is not known.

Which feelings are transmitted by the music?

Moreover, the famous music has contributed to the distraction of 52% of consumers during the purchases they made, at the end six times more than with the unpopular music, in fact the percentage of consumers who derive is only 8%.
The famous music dispersion has reduced the time of stay in the store to 50%. This phenomenon was verified with a small percentage of consumers (6%), that they were disappointed to hear unknown music. This is thanks to the ability to have a more relaxed state of mind in the sustainability of consumers within the shopping center.
For these reasons, we can state that the music of celebrities hinders the buying process.

Famous music versus non-famous music.
In conclusion, the study shows that it is better to use unknown music in stores because it is more in line with the sales context, it sends out feelings that are beneficial for shopping.


It is wise to reach experts and professionals in the sector to select a type of music that is aligned with the commercial advice from the point of sale or the chain.Background music is a powerful tool for communicating with consumers and improving the quality of shopping.